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Your health data is slowing you down.

Have you ever stopped and really thought about how much time you spend sharing or searching for information?

Just think about it. You fill out forms to register microchips, issue vaccination certificates, write on test tubes or wait on hold with the pathology lab. Not to mention how long consults take when you’re trying to fill in the gaps in a patient’s medical history.

Now imagine this...

A new patient comes in and you can instantly access their full medical record in one place – just by scanning their microchip.

Even better, you can share that record at the touch of a button. Want to register a microchip? A couple taps on an app and it’s confirmed. Submitting pathology work? Scan the test tube, select your tests and submit. No tedious data entry or admin. Just pure efficiency.

That’s just a taste of what Vedi can do for you.

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Ready for any emergency.

Vedi is the only health record that’s locked to a patient’s microchip. It goes wherever the animal goes – the emergency room, a shelter or a new vet.

vaccination status screen on Vedi app with digital vaccination certificateVet scans a dog's microchip using Vedi
A vet records a pathology blood tube using Vedi app

Tools that make your life easier.

Our smart tools make it easier than ever to record accurate medical data.

Works nicely with your PIMS.

Vedi makes it easier to update and share the information sitting in your practice management software.

Vedi works with PIMS app on desk

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Vet and pet owner use Vedi to check a dog's vaccination status

Easy to get started.

Order the Vedi Hub, download the app and get connected. Vedi is so simple to use and requires no training.


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"Automating the capture of accurate medical data is a game-changer for our industry. You don’t realise the time lost dealing with incorrect or half-completed medical records until you work with the alternative – for us, that’s Vedi."

Dr David Neck

Cottesloe Vet Hospital

Pet Owner

"I'm pretty shocking with paperwork so having digital vaccination certificates always available online is pretty awesome."


owner of Pearl, Tango and Calypso


"Previously, ordering a pathology test required filling out forms, writing on samples and calling the lab to organise collection. Now, we just scan the sample and hit submit. It’s so easy!"

Dr Melanie Criddle

Swanbourne Vet Centre

for you.

Find out how Vedi can benefit anyone entrusted with an animal's wellbeing.

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