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How do I know my patient’s data is secure and won’t be disclosed to third parties?
What are the ongoing costs to veterinary professionals?
How does Vedi calculate what vaccines and boosters are needed?
What are the set-up costs for veterinary professionals?
Does Vedi support new clinics with onboarding and training?
Is Vedi IOS and Android compatible?
Where can I read more about security and privacy?
How to Request Data Deletion Under GDPR
Who can view an animal health records?
What access do I need to give Vedi to my system?
Where is my data stored?
What is verifiable data?
Does Vedi make pathology testing faster?
Does Vedi sync with my PIMS?
What data do you collect?
What PIMS does Vedi integrate with?
Does my sample get treated differently when submitted through Vedi?
What do I need to get started at my practice?
What are Vedi Verified Health Records / Verified Health Data
How do I get pathology supplies?
How long does it take to setup in my veterinary practice?

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