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A simple scan or click of a button instead of complex calculations, paperwork and double-handling – that's the Vedi way.


Microchip checks


Patients supported


Vaccines recorded


Pathology samples submitted

A better way to vaccinate.

Record detailed information in seconds and let our Smart Statuses calculate exactly which vaccines and boosters are needed. Plus, our digital Vaccination Certificates can never be lost!

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A seamless way to manage pathology.

No more writing on samples, filling out paperwork or phoning for a courier. With Vedi Smart Pathology, requests can be made in seconds – with automated courier dispatch and tracking.

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Safely registered in seconds.

No forms or wait time. Submit your pre-filled form and receive instant confirmation.

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Complete, accurate health records.

Practices runs smoother with the right information on file. Vedi notifies you of anything that's missing, including owner contact details and microchip numbers.

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Join the Vedi-verse.

Connect with a network of leading hospitals, labs, software providers and organisations who rely on Vedi.

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What our users are saying

You don’t realise the time lost dealing with incorrect or half-completed medical records
Automating the capture of accurate medical data is a game-changer for our industry. You don’t realise the time lost dealing with incorrect or half-completed medical records until you work with the alternative – for us, that’s Vedi.
Dr David Neck
Cottesloe Vet Hospital
We just scan the sample and hit submit. It’s so easy
Previously, ordering a pathology test required filling out forms, writing on samples and calling the lab to organise collection. Now, we just scan the sample and hit submit. It’s so easy!
Dr Melanie Criddle
Swanbourne Vet Centre
Clients love digital vaccination certificates
Clients love having the certificate of vaccination delivered instantly via email, reducing the need for paper and the likelihood of misplacing a printed certificate.
Elodie Gouthey
Your Pet's Vet

Powerful features at your fingertips.

One Health Record.

A universal medical record connecting everybody in a pet’s life.

Patient identification.

Easily confirm the identity of the patient you're working with.

Medical data locked to the microchip.

Animals will never be parted from their medical information.

Record and track vaccinations.

Just scan the vial and let Vedi do the rest.

Pathology lab submissions.

No writing on tubes, filling out forms or calling couriers.

Data accuracy.

Capture accurate data in seconds.

PIMS compatible.

Integrates with practice management systems.

Microchip registration.

Register an animal's microchip in seconds.


Vedi eliminates numerous paper forms.

Digital vaccination certificates.

Never deal with lost paper certificates again‍!

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