Gribbles Veterinary Pathology

Gribbles Veterinary Pathology

The Gribbles Module on Vedi provides veterinary teams with an enjoyable, quick and easy means to submit pathology tests to Gribbles Veterinary Pathology – with automated courier pickups and sample traceability.


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  • Vets and nurses can submit pathology tests in seconds.
  • The Vedi app and specially barcoded test tubes eliminate the need to write on sample tubes or fill out paper forms.
  • Vedi assists the the Gribbles team in saving time processing paperwork and reading handwritten notes, leading to faster turnaround times and greater accuracy.
  • Instant courier requests – submit your testing online and Gribbles will dispatch a courier.
  • Samples are traceable from the moment they’re collected to the moment you receive your results.

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Gribbles Veterinary Pathology, established in 1989, is a veterinary pathology laboratory specialising in providing diagnostic and analytical services to animal health professionals in Australia. The company is dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient diagnostic services to support the health and well-being of animals.

Gribbles Veterinary Pathology has been a provider of veterinary diagnostic services across Australia for decades. It was the preferred supplier to the Department of Environment and Primary Industry (DEPI) in Victoria from 1996 to 2013 and has been serving as the diagnostic pathology service provider to Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA) since 2004.


The company aims to be a leading pathology provider by combining scientific leadership, advanced technology, and skilled personnel to ensure high-quality services to its clients.

Quality Assurance

Gribbles maintains a high level of service across all its centres, with a focus on consistent and accurate diagnostic results. The company adheres to strict quality assurance protocols to meet the diverse needs of veterinary practices.


Gribbles offers a range of customised services that prioritise the individual needs of each veterinary practice it serves, striving to provide effective and timely diagnostic results to support animal health professionals in their work.

Gribbles Veterinary Pathology
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