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Central Animal Records

Vedi makes registering a microchip with Central Animal Records easier than ever. With just a few clicks, we've eliminated forms, manual data entry and human error.

How Vedi powers

Central Animal Records

  • With Vedi, vets can register new microchips in seconds!
  • Just a few taps in the Vedi app and owners receive instant confirmation their pet is safely registered.
  • Scan the microchip of any lost pet with Vedi to find out where it's registered.
  • Vedi locks trusted and verified medical data to an animal’s microchip – so their health records go wherever they go.
  • No more paper forms – Vedi securely accesses data from a vet’s practice management system to complete the registration process.
  • Vedi's 'batch mode' means several animals can be registered at the same time.

This integration is available for selected Practice Management Systems. Please chat to our team to confirm whether yours is compatible.


Central Animal Records

Established in 1989, Central Animal Records commenced operation as Australia’s first animal microchip registry.

As Australia’s leading microchip registry – both in scale and in its approach towards innovation – Central Animal Records seamlessly integrates with other accredited national microchip registries. Today, Central Animal Records manages an ever-growing database of over 5 million animals and 3.8 million owners.

Central Animal Records works closely with veterinary clinics, animal welfare organisations, State governments, legislation developers, municipal councils, microchip distributors, pet owners, breeders and the Australian Veterinary Association to continue to return lost pets home as quickly as possible.

The first to adopt a 24/7 animal recovery service, Central Animal Records has facilitated the reunion of over 2.3 million lost, stolen or injured pets – each identified by their unique microchip implants.

When pets are registered with Central Animal Records, animal and owner data is maintained for the lifetime of the animal and beyond. A percentage of all subscription fees also supports many Australian animal welfare organisations.

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