Health Records.

VetDB helps you capture, store and share trustworthy medical data. So you, and any third party services you utilise will be working with the full picture when making a diagnosis.


Less work, better health records.

VetDB is an easy, paperless way to capture and manage health records at your vet practice.  Using little more than a smartphone and a microchip scanner, you can record vaccinations, pathology testing, microchip registrations and more in seconds – eliminating paper forms and human-error in the process!

Compatible PIMS

A sustainable way of managing health records.

Once you check-in your patient by scanning their microchip, VetDB will instantly notify you of any missing patient or owner information. This can then be rectified while the animal owner is still at your practice.  

With up-to-date records, it’s easy to get in touch with owners – and even reunite them with their lost animals!

Data Integrity

Health data you can trust.

Complete, accurate health records help you make confident diagnoses in less time.

Vedi replaces manual data entry with digital data-capture tools and blockchain technology. This means that all health data collected is correct, complete and verified. It’s free of human error and impossible to forge.  


Health records that connect.

Using Vedi verified health data, we’ve created seamless access to the services you use everyday. Submit pathology testing, register microchips and more without the paperwork and hassle. With just a few clicks, Vedi sends all the relevant health information for you and the job is done.


Records that never leave your patient's side.

All data captured through Vedi is locked to the microchip. This means the animal is never parted from its vital health information – even if it gets separated from its owner.

Plug in to PIMS

Plays well with your Practice Management Software.

VetDB integrates with OpenVPMS, ezyVet and RxWorks to help you capture, store, update and share verified health data.

Referral Hospital & Emergency Access

Vital records in record time.

With your authorisation, VetDB allows animal hospitals and specialists to access your patient’s health data and latest pathology results online at any time of day or night. Just one of the ways that proper data management can save lives.

Simple, transactional pricing.

Pay for what you need, when you need it! Plus, many of our features are free and can be accessed at any time.

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