Evermore Pet Cremation

Evermore Pet Cremation

Introducing a compassionate and efficient approach to pet aftercare: Vedi partners with Evermore Pet Cremation to seamlessly integrate end-of-life services, providing comfort and certainty in life's most delicate moments.


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  • No handwriting or manual data entry.
  • Document and certify a patient's passing.
  • Select the cremation services the owner requests.
  • Automatically notify the crematorium to collect the pet.
  • Track the pet through the process.

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The goals of Evermore Pet Cremation are simple; they aim to offer the highest level of aftercare for beloved pets. Whether it was veterinary care, or the many toys and blankets they chewed that were replaced, the company understands that pet owners offered the best level of care while their pets were with them. They believe this high standard of care shown throughout the pet's life should continue on and be reflected in their aftercare. They believe in providing dignity even after pets have crossed the rainbow bridge. With careful transportation and gentle handling when in their care, pets are treated like they were their own.

Evermore Pet Cremation
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