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Vedi integrates smartly with your RxWorks PIMS to make your everyday tasks easier, speeding up your workflow, improving data accuracy and eliminating double data entry.

How Vedi powers


  • Vedi's intuitive technology seamlessly integrates with RxWorks to connect vets to the vital animal services vets use daily – like pathology labs and referral hospitals.
  • During check-in, Vedi instantly notifies vets of any missing patient health or owner information – these health records can then be corrected on the spot.
  • Vedi eliminates unnecessary paperwork, burdensome admin, double handling and manual errors.
  • With authorisation, Vedi allows emergency departments to access the vital health records in your practice management software.
  • Best of all, Vedi locks trusted medical data to an animal’s microchip – so their health records go wherever they go.



RxWorks offers practice management solutions and delivers practical tools and processes that address industry-wide and specific practice needs.

Assisting with veterinary clinic operation, RxWorks simplifies the management of veterinary practices by optimising revenue, streamlining processes and workflows and driving efficiency and productivity.

With a secure, permissions-based platform, RxWorks integrated capabilities save vets valuable time to focus on customer service and enhance patient care treatments.

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