Microchip Registration

Register a microchip in seconds, receive instant confirmation and make sure pets can always find their way back to their owners.

Securely registered in a few clicks.

Vedi pre-fills your registration form and sends it straight to your chosen registry or database. No more mailing in applications – it can all be done in a few simple steps via the Vedi app or Vedi portal.

Compatible registries

Central Animal Records

Identify unregistered pets on arrival.

Instantly know which pets are not registered on an Australian microchip registry.

Confirmation Straight to the owner's inbox.

As soon as you sign and submit, the registration is complete and the pet's owner receives the registration documents via email.

Help lost pets become found, registry check.

Scan the microchip of any lost pet and Vedi can tell you which microchip registry they're registered with.

Register whole litters.

Vedi's 'batch mode' means several pets can be registered at the same time (BETA)

Vedi at vet practice reception with owner and pet

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