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NovaVet Diagnostics

Use Vedi to enjoy quick and easy pathology submissions to NovaVet Diagnostics – with automated courier pickups and sample traceability.

How Vedi powers

NovaVet Diagnostics

  • Vedi allows vets and nurses to submit pathology tests in seconds.
  • The Vedi app and specially barcoded test tubes eliminate the need to write on sample tubes or fill out paper forms.
  • With Vedi, NovaVet's team save time processing paperwork and reading handwritten notes, leading to faster turnaround times and greater accuracy.  
  • Instant courier requests – submit your testing online and NovaVet will dispatch a courier.
  • Samples are traceable from the moment they’re collected to the moment you receive your results.


NovaVet Diagnostics

NovaVet Diagnostics is an independent veterinary diagnostic pathology laboratory that provides high-quality services to the veterinary, paraveterinary and research community in Western Australia.

Operating as a boutique-style laboratory, they're exemplified by personable service, professional connection and accountability.

NovaVet Diagnostics is completely veterinary-owned and its directors have more than 30 years of experience in diagnostic pathology. Their time in clinical practice has not only helped them retain strong relationships in the veterinary community, it's completely shaped the way they deliver pathology services.

NovaVet's mission is to provide clinically relevant information in a consistent and convenient format, enabling veterinarians and clinic staff to focus on patient care.

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NovaVet Diagnostics
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