With just a scan of the pet's microchip on arrival, Vedi goes to work. Updating your PIMS, checking registration status, and verifying you have the correct information on hand. Leaving your team to focus on the client and pet.

It all starts with a scan.

The pet arrives, and the front-of-house team scan their microchip.

Check a pet's  registration status.

Vedi checks the microchip registration status of the pet and alerts your team if there's a hiccup.

Auto PIMS check-in.

Checks the patient into the PIMS* as 'arrived' or 'in the waiting room'.

No missing data.

Vedi verifies that the PIMS has all the correct and complete patient and owner info, notifying the team if something is missing.

Vedi at vet practice reception with owner and pet

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