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Helping vets reduce waste: Introducing Vedi's oxo-biodegradable bags for pathology lab submissions

September 28, 2023

Pathology testing relies heavily on plastics for consumables like blood tubes, syringes, specimen pots, microscope slides and biohazard bags. Unfortunately, there are few ways of avoiding waste due to the nature of such biohazards and the need for their disposal. Therefore, we're excited to introduce Vedi's biodegradable biohazard bags to help vet practices and labs reduce their environmental impact.

An average-sized veterinary practice submits approximately 20 tests to labs per week. Multiply that by the number of practices nationwide, and the scope for reducing plastic waste is immense.

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Why is a veterinary health tech company producing pathology consumables? Good question.

There are many facets to a patient's health record and medical history. A core component of that record is of course pathology. When developing our first pathology lab module on Vedi, we had to reimagine how pathology could be managed, both in the vet practice but also at the lab, and ultimately how the test result will be captured in the health record.

The outcome

  • Uniquely barcoded consumables replacing ones that require handwriting;
  • Accurate tools and automation replacing forms and data entry;
  • and the sample, test submissions and the final result locked to Vedi's universal health record versus being siloed in a vet practice's system.

Sourcing our own 'Vedi' consumables was therefor a core part of showing our lab partners our vision for the future by opening up supply lines for them to then run with it moving forward. So in our endeavours to source the various consumables required we came across d2w technology and oxo-biodegradable plastics.

Vedi's consumables are more unique than just the barcode

Vedi's oxo-biodegradable bags are part of a suite of uniquely barcoded consumables. In conjunction with Vedi's digital health platform, the consumables are a core part of streamlining how vets and laboratories request and process pathology tests and results for their patients.

While the biohazard bags make up just a part of the larger plastic problem in the pathology space, we're optimistic about the conversations we're having with our lab partners and the positive precedence it sets moving forward.

How do oxo-biodegradable plastics work?

D2w technology transforms ordinary plastic, at the end of its useful life and in the presence of oxygen, into a material with a different molecular structure. As a result, the plastic is no longer plastic. It becomes a biodegradable material that can be broken down by bacteria and fungi in the open environment, similar to nature's wastes. This process is significantly faster than ordinary plastic degradation.

Benefits of oxo-biodegradable bags

  • Biodegradable (according to ASTM D6954)
  • It looks and feels like ordinary plastic
  • d2w is recyclable with conventional polymer
  • Suitable for food contact according to FDA & EU food contact regulations

Vets choose Vedi to submit pathology

Vedi's laboratory modules have fast become the staple means of submitting pathology tests to laboratories, enabling veterinary staff to forgo the now redundant, time-consuming paper and form-based submission processes.


  1. Submit pathology requests in seconds
  2. No handwriting or completing forms
  3. Never lose a sample
  4. Access results anytime, anywhere
  5. Automated courier dispatch
  6. Voice-to-text history functionality
  7. Integration modules with leading pathology laboratories nationally
  8. All the additional benefits, tools and modules available on the Vedi platform
Pathology consumables used with Vedi
Vedi's uniquely barcode consumables mean no handwriting, no forms, with full sample traceability.

How do you get involved?

These biohazard bags are available to you from participating lab at no additional cost, so if you're a vet practice interested in reducing your environmental footprint, we'd love to chat. Vedi's tools also help practices significantly reduce paper consumption by eliminating forms, certificates, and submission documents.

For those already using Vedi, you'll receive these with your consumable orders — ordered via

Pet owners increasingly opt for vet practices that prioritise sustainability and meaningful ways to care for their pets while being mindful of the Earth they inhabit. So doing your bit is both great for the environment and business!

A plastic wrapped confession:

Taking innovative steps doesn't always come without their hiccups – here's a note from our CEO on Our Commitment to Sustainability and a small (and plastic-wrapped) confession to make.

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