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Vedi's Pathology Offering Now Includes NovaVet and Vetpath Labs in WA

Great news for Western Australian vet practices – customers of both NovaVet Diagnostics and Vetpath Laboratory Services can now submit pathology using Vedi's popular pet health record platform.

July 31, 2023

Vedi has fast become the staple means of submitting pathology tests to laboratories, enabling veterinary staff to forgo the now redundant, time-consuming paper and form-based submission processes.

We're delighted to share that Vedi now services customers of both NovaVet Diagnostics and Vetpath Laboratory Services in Western Australia. This expansion means veterinary practices now have a broader choice of who to submit their clinical pathology to.

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Having both West Australian pathology labs integrated presents a tremendous opportunity for more veterinary practices to take advantage of the significant benefits that Vedi's application and workflow offer. We're talking about a substantial reduction in administrative tasks and a boost in revenue — all from a single, user-friendly platform.

Benefits of Vedi

  1. Effortless Lab Submissions: Select your tests, scan the sample container, record a history, and hit submit. That's all there is to it!
  2. Inbuilt Traceability: Our system tracks the chain of custody from the moment the samples leave your practice to the moment you receive the results.
  3. Smart Sample Consumables: Our uniquely barcoded tubes and consumables eliminate the headache of human error and illegible handwriting.
  4. Instant Couriers: No more waiting on hold to call a courier. Our platform does it for you.
  5. Voice-to-text Functionality: The voice dictation function on the Vedi app allows for quick and efficient patient history submission.

Transforming Practice Efficiency

Maximising practice efficiency is the key not just to survive in these challenging times, but to thrive. It's good for the team, it's good for the patients, it's good for the clients - and yes, it's good for business too.

By using Vedi, an average practice that sees about 300 patients a month, is saving over 40 hours per month. That's time you can take back from tasks like patient check-in, vaccinations, pathology submissions, and microchip registrations.

Our alliance with Vedi commenced a few months ago and as an agile, fast growing small business, Vedi has been a real game changer for us. The efficiency with which we can deliver our pathology service has been a winner: from the time the clinics lodge their request for sample submission to the point of reporting results.

At NovaVet, we've always been about harnessing technology to improve service. With Vedi, we're doing just that… the process from start to finish is convenient and efficient. We've heard from our customers already, and they love the convenience it brings to their day-to-day working schedule. It cuts out the paperwork and speeds up the process, meaning our customers can focus more on their patients.

The reward for us is, together with Vedi, we have a speedy and efficient service creating happy and satisfied clients.

- Dr Jason Stayt, Laboratory Director of NovaVet Diagnostics

Interested in Vedi?

If you're not already, now is the perfect time to join the growing number of veterinary practices across Western Australia that are reaping the benefits of the Vedi platform. If you're interested in seeing how Vedi could transform your practice's efficiency and profitability, book a demo today!

Account setup information for the WA laboratories:

NovaVet account setup:

Vetpath account setup:


Our ongoing expansion underlines our commitment to continually innovate and grow, ensuring we provide the best service to veterinary practices and contribute to better outcomes for vets, nurses, and our beloved pets. Stay tuned for more exciting developments here on our blog.

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