Check in patients and update information.

To unlock all the features of Vedi, patients must be checked in on arrival. During check-in, vet staff are presented with opportunities to update missing or incorrect patient information.

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Vedi app
Vedi Portal
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VetDB app
VetDB Portal
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Tip: Most practices find it easier for the front of house team to check in patients on arrival.

Scan microchip and update patient information

  1. Scan the microchip with the microchip scanner. This will bring up the Active Patient List on the Vedi app or Vedi Portal.
  2. Select the patient’s profile.
  3. Update missing information. Simply click the orange notification at the top of the screen to view what information needs to be added in your PIMS.
    Any information added to your Practice Management Software will sync to the Vedi app.
  4. Update weight:
    • In the Vedi Portal, click on the edit weight button within the patient’s profile and add weight.
    • In the Vedi app, tap the + button within the patient’s profile and add the patient’s latest weight.
    • Vedi will sync weight information to your PIMS*
  5. Patients are checked into your PIMS waiting room*

*functionality may be limited by the PIMS you utilise. Check with our team what you have available.

Tip: Update missing information while the owner is still at your practice!

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