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Our commitment to sustainability and a small (and plastic-wrapped) confession to make.

June 21, 2023

An email to our customers from our CEO, Dr Steve Joslyn.

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Dear customer,

We've got a small (and plastic-wrapped) confession to make.

We're all about pushing the boundaries at Vedi, but sometimes, our ambition gets us into unexpected pickles (plastic-wrapped pickles, as it turns out).

Our efforts to uniquely identify barcoded samples hit a small bump. To our surprise, some of our urine and fecal pots arrived individually wrapped in plastic. This packaging error went against our direct specifications to the supplier and our environmental commitment.

We could have taken action to rectify this before it reached your clinics — but, we believe in transparency, and we recognise that mistakes are part of any innovative journey. So, here we are, acknowledging our plastic hiccup and reassuring you that future orders are fixed to meet our standards.

On a brighter note, we're thrilled with the progress we've made in other areas.

Our digital certificates—health, desexing, vaccination—are not only minimising paperwork but also creating an efficient, eco-friendly veterinary process. These certificates are all digitally linked to an animal's microchip for life, a move that has helped us avoid printing over 50,000 paper certificates.

Our uniquely barcoded consumables have improved tracking from collection to the lab, reducing error rates and the need for repeat tests. This, coupled with our entirely digital submission system, has eliminated thousands of paper submission forms. Plus, we're excited about our biodegradable specimen bags. Many of our partnering labs have embraced this innovation, a further testament to our collective commitment to environmental sustainability.

Despite this misstep, we remain committed to our goal of reducing waste in veterinary medicine. We're dedicated to learning from our mistakes and evolving our practices for a sustainable future. As we work to rectify this issue, we appreciate your understanding and your commitment to recycling.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting, albeit occasionally bumpy, journey towards a greener and more efficient veterinary world. Together, we are making a difference.



Dr Steve Joslyn


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