Why quality health data matters

Vedi puts verifiable data to work to save you time.

Ten or so years ago vets were told smart, digitised veterinary care is coming – all the information you’d ever need and all the people you need to stay connected to, but that never really happened.

Today’s veterinary healthcare system is only a slightly updated version of the old paper filing system – where we fill out online forms instead of paper forms – or attach PDF documents to emails instead of faxing through medical history.

The truth is – we don’t have the fast, connected healthcare system we always dreamed of because we’re working with bad health data. Data that’s scattered, full of errors and in too many different formats to count. Vedi is the information superhighway of veterinary care. Vedi captures accurate, verified health data and locks it to an animal’s microchip. Any veterinary professional can then access t and update it over the animal’s lifetime.

In the practice, Vedi creates vast efficiencies. It lets you work with third-party providers like pathology labs, microchip registries and crematoriums at the touch of a button. And it provides modern conveniences like digital vaccination certificates to your clients.

Vedi allows vets to do more in less time – and is creating a safer healthcare system for animals. We’re continually expanding our network of trusted providers and building out more features every day that make life better for pets and vets.

If this resonates with you, we’d love to talk to you about how Vedi can help your team.

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