The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University
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The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University

The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University offers top-tier care for animals of all sizes while supporting veterinary education and shaping future professionals.


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The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University is a renowned veterinary facility committed to providing the highest quality of care for animals, ranging from the smallest canary to the largest elephant. It was founded to support the Murdoch University veterinary school and has since played an integral role in educating numerous veterinarians globally. By choosing The Animal Hospital, clients not only receive unparalleled medical services for their pets but also contribute to the training of future veterinary professionals.

Key Features

  • Over 85 experienced vets and 150 support staff on board.
  • Wide range of specialists covering major disciplines like Primary Care, Emergency, and Farm Animals.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including MRI, CT, and advanced pathology capabilities.
  • 24/7 availability of a dedicated anaesthesia team for emergencies and consultations on pain management.
  • In-house Diagnostic Imaging with modern equipment, inclusive of a CT Scanning Suite for large animals.
  • Comprehensive Clinical Pathology services handling all veterinary species, from companion animals to indigenous wildlife.

Fear Free Practice

The Animal Hospital proudly boasts Fear Free certified professionals, ensuring that pets' emotional well-being is as prioritized as their physical health.

Educational Aspect

In their primary care practice, final-year veterinary students undertake practical placements, supervised by qualified teaching staff. This dual assessment by both students and professionals ensures that pets receive thorough care and attention.

The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University
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