Animal Emergency Australia

Animal Emergency Australia

AEA uses Vedi for improved care delivery, quick data transmission and partner integrations, and accurate pet health information when critical decisions need to be made.


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  • Vedi supports with instant patient identification on arrival.
  • If the patient is part of the broader Vedi network the emergency teams can admit a patient into the hospital with just a scan of their microchip.
  • Check-in services make new patient admissions quicker and more accurate.
  • Enables the ER to notify the GP vet that their client has been admitted to the hospital.
  • Connects the ER teams to external reference laboratories for pathology submissions and results delivery.

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Animal Emergency Australia is a national leader in veterinary emergency and referral services, offering the highest standard of care for pets in urgent situations. With a commitment to excellence and a compassionate approach, AEA is at the cutting edge of veterinary medicine in Australia.

Animal Emergency Australia
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