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How Vedi is revolutionising microchip registration for busy vets.

May 17, 2022
Pet microchip scanned for Vedi Smart Microchip Registration.
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  • Vedi Smart Microchip Registration removes the need to fill out online forms or fax or mail through registrations. With a scan of a microchip and a few clicks, an animal is safely registered.
  • Vedi has partnered with Central Animal Records, Australia’s leading microchip registry, for this release – and will soon look to roll this tech out nationally.
  • Up until now, registering an animal involved filling out online forms or faxing or mailing in forms – leaving applications prone to mistakes or at risk of getting lost in transit.
  • So far, Vedi practices using Smart Microchip Registration have found that around 10% of their patients were unregistered – demonstrating the potential to help many animals by ensuring they’re safely registered.
  • Vedi Smart Microchip Registration allows vets to reunite lost animals with their owners. They simply scan an animal’s microchip to find out who they’re registered with.

Perth, 17 May 2022 - WA vet tech company Vedi has just released Smart Microchip Registration – an automated technology that allows vets to register microchips in seconds with its partner Central Animal Records.

This new feature – which has just been added to Vedi's state-of-the-art platform – removes the need to fill out online forms or fax or mail through registrations. With a scan of a microchip and a few clicks, an animal is safely registered.

“Our technology pre-fills the registration and sends it straight to Central Animal Records – eliminating administrative hassles and potential wait times,” Dr Steve Joslyn, Co-founder of Vedi, said.

With manual data entry, faxes and postage removed from the process, Vedi Smart Microchip Registration also removes the potential for human error – and any chance that a microchip registration is lost in transit.

“The vet practices that are using VetDB Smart Microchip Registration are finding that around 10% of their patients are unregistered,” Dr Joslyn said.

“Seeing as pet ownership in Australia is one of the highest in the world, with an estimated 6.3 million dogs and 4.9 million cats as of 2021, you can only imagine how many animals could be at risk of ending up in a shelter, or worse,” Dr Joslyn added.

“Vedi Smart Microchip Registration means registrations always make it to their destination – and the registry receives everything they need, without mistakes, in the format they need it in,” he added.

Beyond easy registrations, VetDB technology has also been developed to help reunite lost animals with their owners.

“If a lost animal is presented to a Vedi vet practice – staff can scan the animal’s microchip to view which registry that animal is listed with,” said Dr Steve Joslyn.

Dr David Neck from Cottesloe Vet has seen firsthand how the application of Smart Microchip Registration is alleviating some of the pressure placed on busy veterinary practices.

“It’s a huge relief not to have to fill out forms – and instant confirmation means you don’t have to check if the registration has been processed,” Dr Neck said.

Dr Steve Joslyn said this latest release is one of many to come, as Vedi continues to use technology and data to create a smarter, more efficient veterinary system.

“We’ve got plenty more features in the works that are aimed at easing the mental load for veterinary professionals, providing owners with peace of mind and, ultimately, making sure animals receive better care,” said Dr Joslyn.

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