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The Hidden Curriculum, Exploring Vet-Client-Patient Relationship, Treating Clients as Allies, and more | The Vet Vault, LIVE!

Vedi presented a live edition of The Vet Vault podcast in Adelaide. The chic Apoteca bar was filled with friends and colleagues, as they eagerly participated in a spirited dialogue with hosts Hugh and Gerardo, featuring their special guest, Alison Lambert.

June 6, 2023

Vedi and The Vet Vault put together a super cozy live podcast event in Adelaide. Hosted by Hubert and Gerardo at the stylish Dispensary Lounge at APOTECA, the evening was filled with unfiltered chats, belly laughs, and deep dives into the world of veterinary science. The special guest of the evening was the wise, insightful, and always entertaining Alison Lambert!

Even though the event was limited to just 85 attendees, anyone could tune in online to catch the live recording. All in all, it was a night packed with inspiration, education, and some good old fun!

Here are photos from the evening, with the podcast recording and transcript following soon.

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The rest of the photos have been posted on Vedi's Facebook page.

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