Effortless Microchip Registration with Vedi & Central Animal Records

Join the revolution in pet microchip registration - Instant, secure, and reliable.

Powerful features at your fingertips.

Online registration

Simplify your microchip registration process with Vedi's user-friendly app or desktop portal. Automated, pre-loaded forms and direct registry submissions save time and eliminate unnecessary admin

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Instant confirmation

Get immediate registration confirmation, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet's documents are sent directly to the owner's inbox.

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Registry Check

Scanning the pet's microchip as part of the Vedi check-in process, will automatically check that the microchip is functioning and that it's registered.
Scan any microchip to identify the associated registry and help get beloved pets back home.

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Litter Registrations (Beta)

Efficiently register entire litters with our 'litter registrations.' Save time and effort by registering multiple pets simultaneously.

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The benefits

Streamline your registration process with Vedi's seamless integration with Central Animal Records.
Ensure accurate and secure registration through compatibility with Australia's leading microchip registry.
Owners receive instant email confirmations for a hassle-free experience.
Instantly identify unregistered pets with a simple scan using our registry check feature.
Integrate Vedi with your vet practice's PIMS for a seamless experience, eliminating double data entry.

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Discover the full potential of Vedi by utilising additional modules, including:

Smart Vaccination

With just a few scans, Vedi records error-free vaccine information, sends a digital certificate to the pet owner and more!

Primary features
Record vaccinations in seconds
Capture vaccine name and batch details by scanning vial
Generates digital vaccination certificates for pet owners
Batch mode for litters
Manages booster reminders for each pathogen

Smart Pathology

Submit pathology tests to the lab without writing on a tube, filling out a form or calling for a courier – and access the results just as easily.

Primary features
Submit digital pathology requests
No forms or handwriting
Automated courier pickup
Expedited test results
Results locked to the patient's microchip

Microchip Registration.

Register a microchip in seconds, receive instant confirmation and make sure animals can always find their way back to their owners.

Primary features
Check registration status on arrival
30 second registration
Instant confirmation
No forms or handwriting

Free tools

Vedi has several tools and benefits that are free to access and use.

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Popular features
PIMS integration
Patient PIMS check-in
Microchip registration status
Weight recording
Patient identification
Pet & owner details checker
more coming soon