Marketing Lead

Perth, Western Australia

Working at Vedi

Vedi is a digital healthcare data company revolutionising the veterinary industry with its world-first healthcare platform. Our Universal Health Record Platform connects veterinarians, animals, specialists, and owners, providing access to services, smart digital tools, and complete, accurate health data at the touch of a button. With Vedi, veterinarians can deliver better care and pet owners can take an active role in their pet's health, leading to better outcomes and a thriving healthcare system.

Since Vedi launched in January 2019:

  • +1,500 patients join Vedi every week
  • Finalist for WA Innovator of the Year 2022
  • Innovation Showcase Finalist for Animal Health,Nutrition and Technology Innovation Europe 2023
  • GP vets, referral hospitals, pathology labs, microchip registries, crematoriums, and pet owners rely on Vedi daily to provide their services and care for patients

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Job description

We're on the hunt for our new Marketing Lead, who's ready to dive into the exciting world of marketing with a company that's poised on the brink of explosive growth. You'll be the heartbeat of our marketing efforts, propelling us forward, reaching out to the world, and helping us create something truly spectacular.

At Vedi, we're not just about the work. We're about building trust, doing the right thing, speaking candidly but with care, and dreaming big. We're not just looking for employees; we're searching for believers, dreamers, thinkers, doers. If you share our ethos, come, join the Vedi family.

Our core behaviours

1. Earn customer trust
2. Always do the right thing
3. Apply candour with care
4. Dream big and deliver

Key responsibilities

  • Strategise, execute, and manage dynamic campaigns that will echo across the marketing landscape.
  • Whip up a content storm across various digital platforms, making the Vedi voice resonate everywhere.
  • Be the guru who knows how to get us seen, heard, and recognised.
  • Live and breathe our social media strategy, driving engagement, and creating a vibrant online community.
  • Craft engaging email marketing campaigns that leave our audience eagerly awaiting the next one.
  • Monitor, analyse, and tweak our digital marketing campaigns based on hard data and solid facts.
  • Be the CRM virtuoso who knows how to utilise tools to maximise marketing effectiveness.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and changes in digital marketing and the veterinary health industry, and leverage this knowledge to keep us ahead of the curve.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with external agencies and vendor partners, ensuring our message is harmonised across various networks and channels.


  • Proven experience as in marketing management, digital marketing or similar roles. If you've played the field in the veterinary health industry or similar, that's a big plus!
  • A solid grip on the tools of the trade - digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, and more.
  • An exceptional communicator who can turn complex information into compelling stories.
  • A sharp analytical mind that can sift through data and spot trends and patterns.
  • A creative spirit with an eye for aesthetics and compelling content.
  • Proficient with emerging AI technologies and tools.
  • A whiz with marketing software and online applications. You're no stranger to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, HubSpot, Google Analytics, CRM tools, and other online applications. Whether it's creating a striking visual or delving into the depths of data analytics, you've got the know-how to get it done.
  • A project management superstar who can juggle tasks and deadlines with ease.
  • A degree in Marketing,
  • Business, or a related field. But remember, it's not all about the degree; we value skills and enthusiasm just as much!


Salary range is $80k to $110k, based on experience and ability.

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