View and review your Vedi bill

Each month Vedi will issue your practice an invoice for the transactions made during that month. Here's how to view and review it before it's invoiced and paid.

You'll utilise

Vedi app
Vedi Portal
You'll use
VetDB app
VetDB Portal
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Access: Only practice managers and practice owners can view bills.

View and review your billing statement

  1. On the third day of the new month you'll be emailed a link to review your billing statement for the previous month's activity (
  2. Click on the latest bill to open it.
  3. Export a spreadsheet of the month's transactions or print/download a PDF summary for review. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our team.
  4. The bill will be finalised four days after being sent you. At this point your account will be invoiced and payment will be settled. You'll receive a email to confirm this as well as your final tax invoice and receipt.
  5. You can view previous bills and invoices via

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