Submit a pathology test.

Submit pathology testing to the lab in seconds and access results anytime, anywhere. We’ll automatically send a courier to collect samples and will track chain of custody along the way.

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Submit testing

  1. Make sure patients have been checked-in on arrival.
  2. Select the patient profile from the Active Patient List.
  3. Select Pathology from the top navigation bar.
  4. If you’ve already completed your diagnostics request in OpenVPMS or ezyVet, this will transfer over as a Draft submission with a Request Id. Pull the window down to load fresh draft submissions, openthe relevant submission and continue.
    Note: ezyVet users working on a draft submission will only need to complete Step 9 below.
  5. To create a new submission, tap + button.
  6. Add PIMS Request Id, if required.
  7. Select level of priority from Routine, Priority and Urgent.
    Note: Urgent requests will trigger a phone call to the lab.
  8. Add Test(s) + and select from dropdown menu as required.
  9. Tap Add Sample + and scan the barcodes on each sample container, tube, slide or swab.
  10. Tap Record History + and add in notes by using Voice-to-Text dictation or Type it in.
  11. Select Vet ID from dropdown menu.
  12. Select Courier Pickup Location from dropdown menu – this defaults to reception.
  13. Tap the → proceed arrow to check the Pathology Lab Submission Summary.
  14. Tap paper plane button.
  15. Sign & Submit by tapping the ✔ button.
  16. Seal samples in bag and place in courier pick-up location.

Once you sign and submit, Vedi:

  • Sends a courier out to collect your samples.
  • Tracks chain of custody.
  • Allows you to view pathology results anytime, anywhere via the Vedi app.
  • Locks the details of the pathology submission and results to the animal’s microchip using blockchain technology.
  • Verifies the vaccination event using blockchain technology, leaving you with health data you can always trust.

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