Record a vaccination.

Record vaccinations, track immunity statuses and send Digital Vaccination Certificates in seconds. All vaccine information – including batch numbers – will be locked to the animal’s microchip.

You'll utilise

Vedi app
Vedi Portal
You'll use
VetDB app
VetDB Portal
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Access Level Needed: Only a vet can sign off on a vaccination.

Record vaccinations for a single patient

  1. Make sure patient has been checked-in on arrival.
  2. Select patient profile from the Active Patient List.
  3. Tap + button and select Vaccination.
  4. Take photo of the label of the vaccine vial in the Vaccine Name window.
  5. Take photo of the batch details on the vaccine vial in the Batch Details window.
  6. Select Add another vial if you wish to record another vaccine.
  7. Select Add transition certificate if you wish to record any vaccinations that weren’t done through Vedi app that an animal is currently covered for.  
  8. Check or amend details, then tap the → proceed arrow.
  9. Sign & Submit by tapping the ✔ button and entering your PIN.

Batch Mode: record vaccinations for a litter

  1. Make sure patients have been checked-in on arrival.
  2. Within the Active Patient List, tap the + button and select Create Batch.
  3. Fill out the Create Batch information and tap the → proceed arrow. The batch will be created and added to the Active Patient list.
  4. Open the batch from the Active Patient List.
  5. Press + and select Add Animal(s).
  6. Select the animals you would like added to the batch. Any animals checked-in on arrival will appear in this list.
    If any of the animals are not microchipped, they will need to be added as a premicrochip.
  7. Once all animals are added, you’re ready to add a vaccination. Simply tap the + button, select Vaccination and complete the vaccination as per steps 4–9 above.

Once you sign and submit

  • VetDB emails the owner a link to their Vaccination Certificate. This certificate is always available via the Vedi Portal and can easily be saved, printed or shared.
  • Locks the details of the vaccination event to the animal’s microchip using blockchain technology.
  • Verifies the vaccination event using blockchain technology, leaving you with health data you can always trust.

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