Create your own vaccination schedules.

Vedi Smart Vaccinations adhere to WSAVA guidelines when calculating which vaccines are due. However, if you wish to set up custom schedules and protocols in your clinic, follow the instructions below.

You'll utilise

Vedi app
Vedi Portal
You'll use
VetDB app
VetDB Portal
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Access Level Needed: Only a practice manager or practice owner can edit vaccination protocols.

Creating Custom Schedules

  1. Go to Vedi Portal > Medical Settings.
  2. Select Canine or Feline.
  3. Make adjustments to the schedules on display as needed.
  4. To add a new schedule, click Add Group.
  5. In the Add New Medical Group form:
    a) Add a Group Name
    b) Add number of Boosters
    c) Add Priority (a vaccination schedule can be prioritised over other similar schedules)
    d) Select which Pathogens it applies to
    e) Select Vaccines to select any vaccines that are applicable
    f) Press Add to add it to the group & priorities. Each group has defined immunities and booster timelines.

Edit or delete existing Custom Schedules

  1. Follow instructions above but press the Edit Group button instead of Add Group.
  2. Alter the details of the group as needed or delete the group.

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