Add a pre-microchip.

If the patient doesn’t have a microchip, you can create a temporary pre-microchip ID to access Vedi features. After you create your pre-microchip ID following the steps below, make sure to add it to the animal’s profile in your PIMS.

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Resend Vaccination Certificates

  1. To add a pre-microchip, go to the Active Patient List and tap the + button.
  2. Select Create Pre-microchip.
  3. Type in the owner’s name, phone number or email and tap Search.
  4. Select the owner’s name from the search results. If the owners name does not appear here, then tap the Create New Owner button and complete form manually.
  5. When all fields are filled out and correct, tap the → proceed arrow and the patient’s profile will be created with a unique pre-microchip number.

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